Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Beach Bellow

Oh, to be lying,
On a beach,
With sand in my toes,
And the wind,
In my hair.

And only the sound,
Of the seagulls,
On high,
On a beach,
Under sunny blue sky.

The gentle caress,
Of the waves,
On the shore,
And you close,
Beside me,
Could I ask for more?

A soft sandy beach,
That goes on,
You, me,
And a beach,
So happy together.

Linda Harnett

Beach bellow is a collapsible beach chair which helps to make beach trips much more fun and relaxing. It draws inspiration from a regular bellow and is made of silicon rubber supported by spring steel members. Beach bellow is a youthful and fun chair which is easy to carry, store and use. The two sides of bellow can be either used for lying down or sitting. Beach bellow helps reduce the burden of carrying heavy chairs to the beach and has distinct bright colors to keep a track.

PS : Seeking Manufacturer


Dana said...

Great idea? where can i purchase one?

chetan sorab said...

Glad you liked it.Well its not into production yet. Looking for manufacturers right now.

DwieKropki said...

love it!

greetings from Poladn

chetan sorab said...

Thanks a lot

Kerry Hawkins said...

Very interesting and easy to carry

chetan sorab said...

Thanks Kerry.

Pauric said...

Dont mean to sound overly critical but wonder if you've considered;

1)What would it feel like to lie on rubber on a hot day? sweaty?

2)What is stopping the upper layer from collapsing? Nothing is holding the length tort.

3)I think you would need to at least double the number of metal springs for comfortable support.

4)To avoid the silicon being cut from shells/stones and the metal springs rusting you might run in to weight issues.

chetan sorab said...

Thanks Pauric for being critical. I have taken a note of the issues and would look into it, to tweak the design.

Anonymous said...

I would love to test try your chair. I just purchased a Mazda Miata and need to purchase a collapsable beach chair that fits in the trunk. Yours is sooo different than the standard uncomfortable looking ones!! I live in sunny Florida where we go to the beach year round. I am a published writer and promise to write an outstanding review for your marketing if chair tests as good as promised. Please contact me at:

Lilly said...

Did you find a manufacturer? Where and for how much can I get it?

Manuel Pereira said...

Are these already for sale?

Got a manufacturer???

Loved the idea and want to buy it!


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Beto Leal said...

Great ideas and solutions... When you're producing, I want one ...

Indeed, we can see if we bring to Brazil, right? Showcase best, impossible ...

Anonymous said...

just a big TEASE!

M.A.P. said...

i would love one, and even better i would love to sell them to all the beaches owners in Italy
let me know

Anonymous said...

this looks awesome!! can't wait to see it in stores!! just a little idea based on the questions one guy posted...a fabric cover that can also be used as a bag for the rest of the things you'll be bringing to the beach with you...that way the bottom will be protected from anything that would cut it and it won't be hot from the sun beating down on it while you're in the water!!

Anonymous said...

i need one...!!!!!! ;)